Saturday, August 6, 2011

{adventure is out there}

A few days ago i spent a lovely evening with a very special person...(this is sounding like a date, but you all should know by now that my life is not near that exciting....) Megan! We had a picnic and great plans to paint while sitting by the lake, but it decided to rain on us, which we did not complain about because of we are in some serious need of rain and what is an adventure without a problem arising? Nothing. That's what. Megan made some delicious wraps with feta, tomatos, cucumbers, olives and other delicious things and we also had apples :) I brought some blackberry tea (my favorite). On our way to the picnic spot we saw some beautiful sunflower fields and needed to take some pictures there, of course! I only had my film camera and one of the rolls i brought was from the 70's, bad idea. But we still got some great shots and I am super pleased. I love days like this.
sorry for the photo overload, but they were all so wonderful! I love having such beautiful, sweet friends.