Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{I don't know how to tell you this, but...}

There's a Chinese family in our bathroom... 500 days of Summer is such a great movie.

Today, my friend and I went to Ikea and then ventured around Houston for a bit.

I picked out my duvet cover for next year, and basically planned out my future house. Ikea is just such a perfect place. I love it so much. We ran around Ikea, which was pretty empty because everyone is still in school, and pretended each place was our house. The usual.
After our Ikea adventure, we headed over to Anthropologie and to get lunch at Aladdin's! So noms. It is a Mediterranean food place which is definitely one of my favorite in Houston. I ate some sort of lentil salad with hummus and pita bread! Hummus is def on my top list of fave foods. It is good and healthy, what more can one ask for?!

Then we found this amazing little British part of town with a lifesize chess board and other cute British things, so naturally we spoke in British accents and pretended we were in Harry Potter. My summer thus far has been so full of adventure! I can't wait to venture around more of Houston before I leave it!
P.S. I am trying a new way of posting picture, so excuse me if i change of the layout for the next few post until I get it right.

Monday, May 30, 2011

{my extremely lazy day}

I started out being really prouctive today with a 6 mile walk with my mom, but after that it all went down hill. I slept for about 4 hours, went to work then came home to lazy around some more. Currently I am reading a book called "Book of Unforgettable Journeys" and drinking tea. Earlier I was painting a lion. I am really into painting animals right about now. Also, I have no idea why i read so many travel books, they just tend to leave me sad and wanting to travel even more than I already do!
And Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

{Living Learning Communities}

I just found out about these living learning communities at my university. They sound really appealing and frankly just awesome, but both seem to fit my interests really well. There is the Green LLC and the Arts LLC (llc=living learning community). The Green LLC is into volunteering, outdoor activities, being green, sustainability and that sort of thing which I totally love. They also do vegetarian/vegan cookouts and stuff, such a win for a starving veggie college student. It also involves hiking trips and campouts, which i have never really been camping but I really want to start especially because the weather will be SO amazing in the fall. On the other hand, the fine arts LLC is geared towards people who enjoy fine arts such as photography, painting, visual arts, dancing, and the likes, which I also ABSOLUTELY love. They take trips to museums and concerts and dances and plays. They both seem so so so appealing but I can only pick one to apply for. Any advice on which to choose/ what to think about with these?

{really cool websites}

I think really cool websites will be a new feature on my blog. I have been all over the internet lately and have been finding awesome sights that I want to share with my readers. This is a really cool sight I just found that you can use to help practice your camera skills. Maybe take the camera off of auto? It is called camera sim. If you are into photography I would definitely check it out, can't do any harm can it?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

{dorm room finds}

I have spent the last, well forever, looking for items to put in my dorm room and deciding how to decorate it. There are just so many options and so many looks i like that I can not decide! O the decisions. Senior Year is basically decision year. That's what I have concluded.
Both of these rooms are so beautiful. This world has so many beautiful things.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

{Kids of the 90's}

I've been looking through pictures of my childhood. Well my younger childhood days, I mean I am still a kid, always will be. I had a really cool life.

{parties, pants and painting, oh my!}

Ok, so maybe I didn't buy any pants but i needed a "P" in the middle of the title.

Today I woke up and had a grad party to go to. It was fun, we hung out for a while, had lunch and left. Eat and Run is my philosophy on grad parties. Just kidding, but really. After the party, my mom and I went down to Rice Village to hit up the stores. I have been buying dorm room supplies and big sweaters A LOT lately. I figure the only way to keep warm next year is tea, big sweaters and possibly a cute boy? We will see about that last part.

Our shopping trip today was quite successful. I got an electric water heater for making tea in my dorm AND 2 big sweaters and a dress. Quite the win. We also got to eat at The Corner Bakery, which is definitely up in my top 5 restaurants. So noms. I really want to try to find some local restaurants to try out though, so if you have any suggestions please let me know!
After dinner, we hit up hobby lobby to buy a pattern and material for the skirt making that will be going on in my house this summer. I really want to learn to sew better and make my own clothes (like Jenny on Gossip Girl when she used to be sweet and innocent). I also got a canvas and some other art supplies for crafts i need to make. I painted an elephant on the canvas for my new baby cousin! She is so precious, and I hope she hangs it in her room!
It was quite the eventful day! How is every else?!

Friday, May 27, 2011

{a day in the water}

That's it folks! Today was the first day of summer and a very great day! We headed to the water park at around 8:30 this morning and i wasn't too excited at first, but once we arrived I ended up having a blast! I got to go down several slides. Once you go down once slide though, they are all basically the same. After sliding, my friends and I ate lunch (long lines and over priced food ftw) and then hit up the lazy river. The lazy river is the reason most people come to water parks I have figured out. The best part of today: I got to hang out with my best friends, didn't have to go to school AND I DID NOT GET SUNBURNED. I know this may be hard to believe due to the fact that I glow in the dark, but it is true. It is all true.
I brought an under water disposable camera with me today and had so much fun with it! Something about being able to bring a camera underwater is just so thrilling (cheap thrills right there).
Today totally wore me out and I slept the whole bus ride home and am still tired so I am thinking movie and tea for my first summer night? Pretty good night if you ask me. Right now I am blasting some Simon and Garfunkle and looking through pictures.

Looking back, senior year may have dragged on for what seemed like FOREVER, but I do have some awesome memories with some even more amazing people. I'm glad it is a mandatory milestone in the life of a person.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

{and it's done}

So, today was the day. It is all over. Done. Finished. Fini. So weird. I don't really feel like it's done. We had senior chill out this morning and found out class favorites (basically I won them all, nawt.) and heard some info about graduation and the like. Then we progressed into the cafeteria for cake and ice cream, which i wasn't too into due to the fact it was 10 in the morning.

After Senior Chill Out, I went to art. I wasn't supposed to be in art all day but i just couldn't help myself and I stayed and talked to my teacher legit all day, until 7th when i went to english and had people sign yearbooks and take picture. O the memories. I think i might miss this year more than I thought. Well, not the year, but a few people I met this year have really made an impact on me and I will miss them. Thank God for Skype!
Tomorrow is truly the finale. We have our senior trip to Schiltterbahn. That shall be interesting and fun! I got a new bathing suit, dress and waterproof cameras so that is super!

Today was also the beginning of the grad parties. I went to my friend George's, Becca's and April's. So busy. Summer 2011 is off to a great start full of adventures.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{it all comes to an end}

One day left. So weird. I don't even know what to think.

Today was wear your senior trip shirt day. So the majority of the senior class was wearing neon green shirts. Quite obnoxious if you ask me, but hey who am I? Today was also my last art class and my last French class, and my last Government class because senior chill out day is tomorrow! Basically we get to skip about half the day and eat food. Sounds like a plan right?

It is kind of weird how everyone is saying goodbye. I don't feel any attachment to anyone at my high school really, and the ones I do I will stay in touch with, so I don't feel like I am leaving anyone behind.
This is my art teacher. She is one of the most wonderful teachers I have ever had. She really cares about every one of her students and I appreciate it. Plus she knows all the teacher and student gossip and fills me in :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

{and then there was two}

Now, there are only two days of high school left. TWO DAYS. This is all so exciting and real. I can't believe it is finally happening. Two days and I will never walk down those orange and blue hallways again, except to visit old teachers (which i can't wait to do actually :)! My mom and I are planning my grad party, which is going to be so so awesome! Can't wait to post about that!

Well, as I said before, prom was Saturday. Seeing as I was not much looking forward to it, i met my expectations. Getting ready with my best friends and taking pictures with them was really fun but other than that nothing to rag about.

Today on the other hand, was a great day! I woke up and went for a nice walk. Then headed off to school! It was college shirt day for the seniors, so i got to rep McGill all day. It is kind of sad that I have more school spirit for a school i haven't actually attended yet than I have for the one I went to for 4 years, but thats life. After school, I met my mom at Best Buy to pick up my new computer.

I am now the proud owner of a MacBook Pro. :D You are reading my very first post from a Mac. This moment will go down in history. Well, that is about it though, i am really looking forward to summer and letting you know all about my adventures. I will find adventures everywhere I go. That's a promise.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

{To Be Happy}

"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things."

This is my new favorite quote. I found it last night and it really made me think about why i have become so unhappy lately. Well not unhappy just apathetic (i guess that would be a good word for it). But everyday something happens that I can be happy about. The simple fact that I wake up every morning should make me happy. I take it for granite way to much. This morning I went walking with my dad and dog. It was pleasant and i truly enjoyed it.

It's the simple things, that i am realizing matter most, ot the extravagant, expensive things that make you the happiest.

I am trying to find at least one thing to be happy about everyday. It can't be too hard, right?

On another note, Prom is tonight! So a post shall be coming soon :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

{As Everything Comes to an End}

Tomorrow is my last Friday of high school. It is so strange to even think about it. I have been attending this place for 4 years, and all of the sudden it is over. I will probably never see half these people again.

High school ending is such a huge milestone. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I am completely over joyed to be done and not have to follow all of the rules/do all the work/go to pointless classes that i do not care about, but i basically wished away my whole high school career and never formed any lasting memories.

This is such an exciting phase of my life and I am glad to share it with all my readers :) Prom is Saturday, Senior Trip is next Friday and Graduation is June 5. So many exciting weekends!