Monday, May 30, 2011

{Living Learning Communities}

I just found out about these living learning communities at my university. They sound really appealing and frankly just awesome, but both seem to fit my interests really well. There is the Green LLC and the Arts LLC (llc=living learning community). The Green LLC is into volunteering, outdoor activities, being green, sustainability and that sort of thing which I totally love. They also do vegetarian/vegan cookouts and stuff, such a win for a starving veggie college student. It also involves hiking trips and campouts, which i have never really been camping but I really want to start especially because the weather will be SO amazing in the fall. On the other hand, the fine arts LLC is geared towards people who enjoy fine arts such as photography, painting, visual arts, dancing, and the likes, which I also ABSOLUTELY love. They take trips to museums and concerts and dances and plays. They both seem so so so appealing but I can only pick one to apply for. Any advice on which to choose/ what to think about with these?


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