Thursday, May 26, 2011

{and it's done}

So, today was the day. It is all over. Done. Finished. Fini. So weird. I don't really feel like it's done. We had senior chill out this morning and found out class favorites (basically I won them all, nawt.) and heard some info about graduation and the like. Then we progressed into the cafeteria for cake and ice cream, which i wasn't too into due to the fact it was 10 in the morning.

After Senior Chill Out, I went to art. I wasn't supposed to be in art all day but i just couldn't help myself and I stayed and talked to my teacher legit all day, until 7th when i went to english and had people sign yearbooks and take picture. O the memories. I think i might miss this year more than I thought. Well, not the year, but a few people I met this year have really made an impact on me and I will miss them. Thank God for Skype!
Tomorrow is truly the finale. We have our senior trip to Schiltterbahn. That shall be interesting and fun! I got a new bathing suit, dress and waterproof cameras so that is super!

Today was also the beginning of the grad parties. I went to my friend George's, Becca's and April's. So busy. Summer 2011 is off to a great start full of adventures.


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