Friday, May 27, 2011

{a day in the water}

That's it folks! Today was the first day of summer and a very great day! We headed to the water park at around 8:30 this morning and i wasn't too excited at first, but once we arrived I ended up having a blast! I got to go down several slides. Once you go down once slide though, they are all basically the same. After sliding, my friends and I ate lunch (long lines and over priced food ftw) and then hit up the lazy river. The lazy river is the reason most people come to water parks I have figured out. The best part of today: I got to hang out with my best friends, didn't have to go to school AND I DID NOT GET SUNBURNED. I know this may be hard to believe due to the fact that I glow in the dark, but it is true. It is all true.
I brought an under water disposable camera with me today and had so much fun with it! Something about being able to bring a camera underwater is just so thrilling (cheap thrills right there).
Today totally wore me out and I slept the whole bus ride home and am still tired so I am thinking movie and tea for my first summer night? Pretty good night if you ask me. Right now I am blasting some Simon and Garfunkle and looking through pictures.

Looking back, senior year may have dragged on for what seemed like FOREVER, but I do have some awesome memories with some even more amazing people. I'm glad it is a mandatory milestone in the life of a person.


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