Saturday, May 28, 2011

{parties, pants and painting, oh my!}

Ok, so maybe I didn't buy any pants but i needed a "P" in the middle of the title.

Today I woke up and had a grad party to go to. It was fun, we hung out for a while, had lunch and left. Eat and Run is my philosophy on grad parties. Just kidding, but really. After the party, my mom and I went down to Rice Village to hit up the stores. I have been buying dorm room supplies and big sweaters A LOT lately. I figure the only way to keep warm next year is tea, big sweaters and possibly a cute boy? We will see about that last part.

Our shopping trip today was quite successful. I got an electric water heater for making tea in my dorm AND 2 big sweaters and a dress. Quite the win. We also got to eat at The Corner Bakery, which is definitely up in my top 5 restaurants. So noms. I really want to try to find some local restaurants to try out though, so if you have any suggestions please let me know!
After dinner, we hit up hobby lobby to buy a pattern and material for the skirt making that will be going on in my house this summer. I really want to learn to sew better and make my own clothes (like Jenny on Gossip Girl when she used to be sweet and innocent). I also got a canvas and some other art supplies for crafts i need to make. I painted an elephant on the canvas for my new baby cousin! She is so precious, and I hope she hangs it in her room!
It was quite the eventful day! How is every else?!


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