Thursday, August 4, 2011

{quinoa salad}

Recently I have been trying to get back into healthy eating and cooking a lot more, which is actually really fun and I have missed it a lot. I have been trying out a lot of new foods and mixing them together, basically making art in the kitchen. While creating, I came up with this beauty. Quinoa salad. For those of you who have never had quinoa, TRY IT. You will not regret it. I hadn't tried it until about a month ago and now I can't stop eating it. Quinoa is a great grain that also has protein, which i try and seek out due to the fact that I do not eat meat. So here is the recipe. It's not too complicated and only takes about 15 min :)

{Quinoa Salad}
Spinach (or other lettuce of your choice)
Celery (or other vegetables you have at the house)
Bread (home made croutons)

Basically all you have to do is cook the quinoa, chop the vegetables and mix it all together. You can make a single serving or you can make a batch to keep in the fridge! It's all about convince. Plus, you can change it up depending on what you want that day. And to make the croutons, chop up a piece of bread into square pieces, put a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper into a sauté pan and toast until the bread turns a bit brown! All done. And you have yourself a delicious and healthy meal!

What have you guys been cooking lately?


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