Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{winter winds}

Sorry for the long hiatus. It has been quite the busy month with classes ending and finals beginning. The good news? I am almost done. Today was my first day without any classes and boy did it feel good. I still have one paper to write, but being able to sit in bed and drink tea cuddled under blankets sure does make for a good morning. I hope that as finals season winds down I will be back on here more frequently. I am going to attempt to post more recipes because I have been cooking up some delicious things in the kitchen and it is Christmas time, so possibly some baked goods, yum!
I am so looking forward to going home, in just two weeks! I never thought I would miss everyone so much. It has been almost 4 months since I have seen any of my family or friends from back home. It is going to be such a fun reuniting :)
Little Bird
On a side note, I really do think the world may be coming to an end. I mean there is still NO SNOW in Montreal. We had one snow fall and that is it. REALLY? There are reasons I moved all the way to Canada. xxx


  1. I hope that you had a wonderful holiday, and got some much needed rest! I also hope that your finals weren't too bad!