Friday, February 3, 2012

{i am alive}

Yet another generic "sorry for the lack of posting" blog. But really, I have now even received an email from my mom saying she missed my blog. HOW DO YOU SAY NO TO YOUR MOM? So here I am. I am sure I have tons to catch you up on! My travels home for Christmas, my birthday, Igloofest, Madmen Party, friends and life in general to name a few. But, as for now, I am going to leave you with a nice tune for whatever you may be up to this beautiful Friday evening. Personally, I am procrastinating my studies with a cup of tea and some 8tracks playlists. Friday nights don't get much better than this.
Also, I have made two playlist you may enjoy listening to, if you are into that sort of thing. You can find them here and here. I am going to try to post more regularly, this time i really promise. Hope you are all doing lovely! xxx


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