Saturday, February 11, 2012

{nostalgia on saturday mornings}

In preparation for my big trip coming up, I have been reminiscing past trips and boy do I miss this lovely place and all of the wonderful people I met down here. It is such a magical country full of beautiful landscapes and people even more beautiful. I have had the travel bug quite a bit lately! I mean, it never really goes away but sometimes it is quieter than others :) Can't wait to head off the the Mediterranean with my parents!
And some listening for your Saturday morning : Ben Howard- Old Pine


  1. We were in Costa Rica this Jan....and I couldn't get enough of the place's a beautiful country, so environment conscious and Ticos are such happy beautiful people! Beautiful photos here.....bon voyage! hope to see photos from your next trip soon! We found your blog through another and love it! Hope to be a regular here!

  2. Oo they are so nice! Thanks so much, glad to have you around :)