Thursday, July 12, 2012

{and I was off!}

Hello again! I am back from Kenya and can't wait to share all the wonderful adventures I have had! This has been the best adventure of my life so I will start at the very beginning! I left for Kenya on June  21 to begin my 3 day journey across the world! Flying is one of my favourite things. I love airports (minus security, but what can you do right?), people watching, the hustle and bustle and just the excitement of the trip. The best thing about airports is thinking about where people are going and why they are traveling. I love creating stories for others.  People can be so interesting if you give them a chance. Other traveling things that rock: the long hours of music listening and reading. I love downloading new albums and books before I travel. Those songs that you listen to on your way somewhere are always special and have wonderful memories attached.

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I think it may be a requirement that airports have cool architecture. What are your favourite airports? This trip I got to explore the Doha International Airport for 6 hours, layovers are always a good time for coffee and people watching.

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  1. I particularly loves these images!

    I got to experience Doha airport last year, for about 5 minutes because i was back on that bus to board my next flight.

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