Monday, July 23, 2012

Kenya | Peter

The first child I met in Kenya was Peter. He was a precious 9 year old boy, the middle of 5 kids. Children of Promis has allowed him to go to school which is a tremendous help to his family and himself. His family lives in a 2 room house and must cook outside on an open flame. Sadly, this is one of the better living situations I saw throughout my time. They had a roof over their head, tin walls and a small garden. A small garden goes a long way for most families in this community. Those without struggle to eat a few times a week, much less every night.

Peter love school and is working really hard in all of his classes. He enjoys sports and his family. Football (or as Americans say, soccer) is his favourite game to play. What I love most about Peter was his smile. When you got him laughing and joking he smiled ear to ear to flash beautiful, white teeth. His smile could light up the darkest of rooms.

This is the first in a series I am going to do on some of the children in the program. Hope you enjoy! 

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