Monday, October 17, 2011

{Rainy Fall Days}

I promised to start doing outfit posts (as my mom reminded me on skype the other night) and I did not follow through, so here is the first of many (hopefully) fashion posts since school started! You can follow my lookbook if you want. Today, it was 11 degrees out and rainy. I didn't wear my rain boots because it didn't start raining until after my first class. I realized today that I definitely need to go out and get some more layers! Turtle necks will be my new friend, aka i will need to learn to like them because at the moment I am not a big fan. But hey that's what uni's about right? New experiences?. :) I am wearing a black jacket also and carrying a black purse.

sweater: urban outfitters// skirt: urban outfitters//tights: target//boots: steve madden//headband: asos
P.s. please ignore the awful picture quality, back lighting is awful.


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