Friday, August 17, 2012

{Heading off...}

....for the last time this summer! This summer has gone by crazy fast, but has been a blast. I have had the opportunity to travel and serve all over the world, while putting my camera to good use. This summer has been such a fun one, but also more difficult than any other summer. It was hard leaving behind my friends and life in Montreal to come back home for the summer, but it was nice reconnecting with old friends and my family. I am beyond blessed to have them. 

That being said, I head off for Montreal tomorrow with my mom for a whirl wind trip of apartment shopping and decorating! Can't wait :) Be prepared for several apartment posts! 

Now I am off to pack...last second packing never hurt anyone, right? I will leave you with my "5 senses" for the week.

Seeing: Madmen Season 5 (I got into the show a bit late and watched all 5 seasons this summer, no shame)
Tasting: LENTILS.
Smelling: Coffee in the morning, tea at night
Feeling: my yoga mat :)

And a photo of my dad and I from our "date" the other night :)

How are you dealing with summer coming to an end?

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  1. good luck with apartment hunting! I did the same thing over the summer (move home away from friends) but it makes it easier for summer to come to an end because I know I will get back to the city soon!