Monday, August 13, 2012

Costa Rica | Volcán Poás

On one of our off days, we went to Poas Volcano which is one of my favourite things in Costa Rica. Poas is an active volcano (yes, I can say I have survived 2 volcanoes now!) and we were told that it has just had a minor eruption about 3 days before we went. Pretty cool, huh? On the other side of the crater, there is a lagoon which was so beautiful. It is crazy to think that on the other side of a lava spewing machine there can be such a peaceful lake area. But hey, creation is pretty cool eh?

And for those of you who need to get through a Monday morning, here is a nice song to give your ears. Also, check out my facebook page for some new photography I have been doing. I did my first real photoshoot this other day and had such a blast! 

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  1. Gorgeous photos! My husband and I hiked a volcano in Guatemala and is hands down one of our favorite memories!

  2. hey girl! its so crazy i randomly came across your blog and see that you've just been to costa rica. i live in costa rica! haha originally from the states but i'm here now with my boyfriend and teaching english :)

  3. these photos are dreamy. i went hiking for the first time ever a few weeks ago and loved it!