Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{free pancake day fail}

well today was the true beginning of all senior festivies! this makes me look forward to school a little more knowing that we are treated special! today we got late arrival because underclassmen had to take TAKS (a standerized test we have to take in Texas). Junior year is the exit level and you can not graduate without taking it! but anyways... we got to sleep in until 11:35 or thats when we had to be at school :) Today was also free pancake day at Ihop. So me and several friends arrive at Ihop awaiting our free pancakes and guess what. IT ENDS AT 10. We had a 20 min wait and it was 9:50. So lame. But we decided to go to Denny's to get pancakes and still had an awesome time enjoying our delicious breakfast. Yay senior year! Pictures will be coming soon, but i took them all on my film camera (hopefully the do not get ruined).

Sorry for the lack of post, my new work schedule is tough but as school slows down i will be coming back!


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