Saturday, March 5, 2011

{of music and movies}

today is a lazy day. i worked out this morning and plan on spending the rest of the day around the house. my grandparents came in today so i will be spending some time with them also :) that will be fun. i'm starting a 365 project (again, but shh don't tell). i really want to improve my photography and editing skills which is my goal through this project. you can head over to my flickr to check it out. it has only been two days but i have taken a new picture both of them. way more impressive than last time. haha. other than that i haven't been up to much. i am trying to work on my French for next year/ next week. I should be getting Rosetta Stone soon which is really exciting! How is everyone doing? Have a great Saturday!
2//365: et le temps froid revient


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