Sunday, March 6, 2011

{we went to be ironic}

last night was my senior year sadie. i was not going to go due to the fact that i don't really dancehave no school spirt what-so-ever but at about 6 last night my friends, sam and john, texted me and my friend camille and were like hey lets all go. so we decided to go. Sadies is a dance where the girls are supposed to ask the guys and then you go get matching clothes and such but we didn't really have time for that,m so we came up with the idea of being "ironic hipsters". It was so fun! I went over to camille's house and we hipsterized ourselves. the sad part, we used our own clothes. after, we met up with the guys and headed to the dance. it was definately the best time i have had a dance ever probs. After dancing ourselves tired, we headed to ihop to end the night. all and all it was really fun and i'm glad i was convinced to go :) Thanks Sam and John!
I think these are the nights i will remember about high school which makes me very pleased :)
i shall miss these grand people next year.


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