Saturday, March 3, 2012

{happy weekend!}

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After this busy, crazy week, a nice relaxing weekend is what I am looking for. I had 4 midterms this week. Why do professors think that anyone can do well on midterms after a week break?! Please explain this to me. On Thursday night, after my final midterm, there was a dress up party that my friends and I went to. I have decided that the getting ready part of going out is almost always the best. This week there was also a huge snow storm on March 1st. Hello Spring? At least everything is not covered in a layer of beautiful and fresh snow! My plans for this weekend consist of reading, sleeping and drinking A LOT of tea. Hope you all have a great weekend!

And since I haven't done this in a while (because my life was all exciting and I was traveling), I am going to bring back the senses post.

seeing: snow, snow and more snow

tasting: dark chocolate peanut butter!

hearing: The Monkees- Daydream Believer (RIP Davy Jones <3)

touching: Midterms, and lot of them

smelling: my mango chapstick!


  1. Hey there,

    Those icicles are huge!! Great shots ;)
    Love your blog.. I'm a new follower..

    Stay warm!

    1. Thanks! Welcome to the blog :)
      Have a great weekend. xxx

  2. oh gosh, those icicles are absolutely incredible!!
    and you all are just beautiful! love the photos!
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks :) They are crazy aren't they?!

  3. I LOVE your friend's glasses - she's darling.