Saturday, June 11, 2011

{summerfest day 2}

And as promised, Day 2! Day two was crazy actually. I graduated at 4ish, rushed out to my car, had my friends hop in and we were off. Neon Indian was playing at 6 and we HAD to be there by then. We stopped off at a Walgreens to get some food and change out of our grad clothes/robes. How great would that have been if we had worn our robes to the festival? Actually, considering how some people dressed, it wouldn't be much of a change. Anyways, we got to the park about 5 min before Neon Indian came on and we waiting anxiously pushing our way up to the front. People were surprisingly nice and let us through :) Neon Indian played and it was so so amazing! One of the best shows I have seen. Then we moved on to Cut Copy which was on the stage down the street. They too where AMAZING. Another awesome show. Then we had awhile to wait before the headline, Weezer, came on. I, personally, was not excited for the Weezer show. I have never been a big fan, but they put on such an awesome show and I legit did not stop dancing or moving until the end. So all in all it was a great weekend. I graduated high school and went to a music festival? Such a win. Plus I got to spend it with my very best of friends which makes everything enjoyable.


And sorry for the small amount of pics, but i did not bring my camera because of the storm. So these wonderful pictures were taken my by friend camille.


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