Wednesday, June 1, 2011

{what i wore}

I have been reading so many fashion blogs lately, and I really want to start doing a what I wore post because I have just been so inspired to dress up! So here it goes, I can't promise one every week or day but I sure will try! Plus, taking pictures of yourself is quite difficult so hopefully the pictures will get better. I really am trying to learn to use my camera more efficiently. Why else would I have a dslr then right? This is what i wore graduation practice edition! I have a 3 hour long grad practice today, then i go straight to work, then i come home and have SO much to do. It is a crazy day.
shirt/Urban Outfitters | shorts/Free People | belt/goodwill | shoes/vintage

So there goes my first outfit post. Please ignore my hair. It would not cooperate this morning. This was the only picture that really turned out, but next time i will try and get better ones! It is a learning process :) Off to grad practice....