Monday, January 31, 2011


well, i just got accepted to what used to be my first choice college! although i probably will not end up there it is still really exciting because it is really difficult to get into :) this does make the decision a lot harder. McGill is such a great school and i really loved it but maybe i can go there for grad school or whatnot. i would not have any scholarships and it is really expensive while at southern i can study abroad almost every semester. i know i have said this before but ugh i am such a BAD decision maker. it makes me all nervous like i will never make the right decision. but just getting into McGill is good enough for me. it just means that all my hard work this year paid off! i know that being able to study abroad so much will look really good for the careers i am interested in so southern will be the right choice but still.

now all i need to do is wait for the honors application/ presidential scholarship application decisions to come back and i will know for sure (then i will stop blogging about all these boring processes, but they are such a big part of my life right now). getting this acceptance isn't going to help my senioritus one bit.