Thursday, January 27, 2011

{sunny days and essays}

i am still working on my college essays. full ride here i come! but today was the perfect day outside (again, it could be colder but i will work with what i got). it was sunny and about 50 or 60 :) so, i decided it would be an awesome day to go outside and write my paper. good thinking. fresh air is good for the brain cells i think. i have been stuck on this prompt all week and all it took was some fresh air, my dog and no computer nearby. me and my dog laid in the grass for awhile and then moved onto the porch to finish writing. i love the cover of my journal, it is so inspirational! Thanks Grandma! :) i have the main outline for the paper and plan on finishing this one tonight! other than that, my weekly goals are going well! how is everyone?


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