Sunday, January 30, 2011

{new week, new goals}

well, last week i a set a few goals which i am really glad i did. My positivity index has increased a ton, i finished the book and am on to a new one, i spent less time on the computer for about a day (hey its the small things) and took a lot more pictures. I did fail on the making meals part. I mean i cooked but mainly just grilled cheese and pesto and easy quick meals. I was super busy last week and don't think that will really change this week. But here are my goals:
  1. Read The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  2. Cook at least one meal
  3. Spend Less time on the Computer
  4. Keep being positive and taking pictures
  5. Work out everyday
So they didn't change much but i need to make these things a habit and then i will move on to other things :) This week is going to be super fun, well not really until friday. On Friday i am going to the Darwin Deez concert with my friend Elizabeth! yay!
Does anyone have any goals this week?


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