Thursday, January 27, 2011

{so many books, so little time}

Well i am nearing the end of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. It is ok. Kind of. I am not a huge fan, at all, but i like to finish what i begin. I do not think i would recommend it but then again everyone has their own taste in books and i do not want to turn you away. To me, i found it confusing and kind of pointless. But my "to read" book stack is getting small, while my "read" stack is getting bigger! yay! i have also added a few to my "to read" stack.
  1. Fast Food Nation- Eric Schlosser (I really like memiors and fact like books.)
  2. The Jungle- Upton Sinclair (classic, i need to get through some more classics)
  3. Stones into Schools- Greg Mortenson ( i read 3 Cups of Tea, very inspiring, but this is the sequel and i am so excited! i think i will reread 3 Cups of Tea and then read it)
And i still had The Unheard and The Perks of Being a Wallflower to read also.
Gah i love reading! Anyone else like to read? Do share your thoughts!


  1. have you tried Barbara Kingsolver? She writes so well, very accessibly so.

    Thanks for your lovely comment.

    x Isa

  2. I have not! I will have to check her out thought :) thanks! and no problem, your blog is awesome!