Monday, January 24, 2011

{Je vais aller fou!}

So many essays. college= essays and more essays. now that i am probably going to an american school, i found this scholarship to write an essay about the importance of peace and such. well its actually a lot more than that and it is due February 1st along with the other three essays for the honors college. my brain is fried, but i am staying positive and thinking of all the great things that will come of it. Along with all the essay writing, i am also studying for my French competition on saturday. i am actually kind of excited for it! the winner receives $75, which isn't much but hey a new outfit! Also, after the competition, my mom and I are going vintage shopping and out to lunch which is always fun :)

I just realized how much i have posted today! I guess my "spending less time on the computer" isn't going so great, but i mean i do need it for schoolwork so that counts right? Anyways back to essay writing! Hope everyone has a fantastic night!
i do not really like the way post without pictures look. so here is a supa cute one of me.


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