Saturday, January 22, 2011

{adventure time}

today was an awesome day. it began by waking up, working out and eating eggs and grapefruit for breakfast. then i made sandwiches and cupcakes for the picnic my friends and i went on today. the weather could not have gotten more perfect (well maybe a little cooler, but hey its texas). we went adventuring through the forest and found mine and george's favorite talking spot!

then we set up the picnic and ate. nom nom nom. i made pesto and swiss sandwiches, brought sun dried tomato and pine nut hummus with pita chips, grapefruit and topped it off with vanilla cupcakes with purple frosting.

after we ate & ate & ate, we went exploring around the woods.we climbed through some intense terrain. we also had encounters with barbed wire and thorny bushes. it was totally worth it. on our way back to the picnic sight we found a cow skull and pretty much the rest of the cow bones and it made me so sad. :( i like animals alot.
all in all, it was a GREAT day that i would do over and over again. i also got to hang out with my best friends.
O, did i mention we were trespassers?


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