Saturday, January 29, 2011

{vous parlez francais?}

This morning i had a French competition! it was interesting, i didn't place but thats ok. i didn't really want to place because if you did, you had to go on the the speaking part and i get really nervous and can't do it. after the competition, my mom and i went vintage shopping. we go to this really cute store called retropolis. it has unique things from all decades, i found a woodstock poster i really wanted but it wasn't for sale :( i came home with a plaid shirt. plaid flannel is the best. i do not have any pictures from the day because i forgot my memory card at home. i tend to do this a lot now. i really need someone to teach me how to thrift better. i always get so overwhemelmed and kinda shut down and can't think :/ it is a problem. hope you have all had a lovely day!

i have one more essay to write and i am done with applications for good! i must sit down and get it done. hopefully i will not be on the computer until it is finished! :)
Coffee at 5:30 PM
what i need right now.
click on the photo for the link. i did not take the picture.


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