Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{77 days}

i only have 77 days left of high school. well technically less than that because of exams and such but that is the number if worse comes to worse. i am trying to enjoy the last little bits of high school because i spent so much of it with a negative attitude. it is VERY hard to be positive about this. i mean college is coming, summer is coming way more exciting things than high school. i know that when i look back i will miss my friends i made but nothing else really. i still plan on seeing my few close friends though. :) things i will miss most about senior year:
  • eating lunch in the art room with my best friends
  • my art, eco and lit teacher
  • my lit class (although the work sucks, but the class is so fun)
is it sad i can only think of three things?how could i forget? i will also miss my best friend. if the list gets longer i will share :) i am going to be positive and try to treasure the last 77 days! things to look forward to: prom, senior trip, taks week, exam week, the last month of school (i won't really have to do anything!)
hope everyones days are going great!
and i will also miss my family, not that ashley lives at home but i will be further away from her no matter where i go :(


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