Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{the beginning of the end}

today we took our senior panoramic picture and had a class meeting. it was quite chilly outside but all the bodies smashed together warmed it up quite a bit. it took almost an hour to get it all situated. thats 750 kids for you. my class is so huge. in the senior meeting, we voted for class favorites and talked about how bad everyones senioritus has gotten. haha.

but the meeting made me think. this is really it. i am so excited but i am really going to try to enjoy these last 67 days of school. i have been wishing away high school for so long and it is finally leaving, but again i must make the best of it. i am really excited for prom though that will be fun! and exam week and taks week will be fun because seniors do not have to come in! seniors get such special rewards it is so grand.

other than that my day was pretty uneventful. i went to school (had to wake up earlier than normal for the picture), came home, painted, and will go work out soon. it was a nice and relaxing day. i think i will go work on my french now. have a great night!
February 13, 2010


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