Sunday, February 20, 2011

{Parker Fitzgerald}

Parker Fitzgerald has the most amazing photostream on flickr. Well maybe not but i have been looking at it constantly for the past few days. You could probably spend a good week look at the whole thing and still not get through it all. He mainly shoots film, which i love and does Polaroids also. He did a Polaroid project where he took a Polaroid picture everyday and put a quote on it. it is a very neat project that i kind of want to start, except with a digital camera because unfortunately i do not own a Polaroid. His photos are so dreamy and pleasing to the eye. i suggest you check it out! His work has been going around the blogging world quite a lot lately so if you read other blogs you may have seen some of it! (I think i may message him and try to get him to answer some questions that i can post!) I want to start doing a few guest post on my blogs.... if anyone is interested let me know!

Copperfox - L. Garcia and R. Mohon
December 29, 2010
December 25, 2010
and those are just a few of his photos! amazing huh?


  1. love the photos!!!! thanks for sharing, def checking him out! :)

  2. thanks for introducing us! i'm going over the polaroid now and my fav quote is the only small things with great love. brilliant!