Thursday, February 3, 2011

{green tea,grapefruit and grilled cheese... but no snow}

the snow has still not come :( the forecast said it was about a 30% chance beginning at 5 tonight. the good news: work got canceled! so i went on a run (i have a strange obsession with running in cold weather) and i ate dinner. i seem to be very patterned in my eating i noticed, right now my pattern: grapefruit and grilled cheese. Green tea is a staple in my daily intake, i love it. i am awaiting snow with open arms. PLEASE JUST COME ALREADY.

all this waiting is making my antsy, i need to go read to calm myself.

i am reading this amazing book called Stones into Schools by Greg Mortenson. He is such an inspiration to me. For those who do not know, he builds schools for children in the most remote parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. His belief is to start in the most cut off areas and provide education which will lead to peace. He focuses a lot on the education of women because in many middle eastern countries this is not a priority leaving women hopeless. His first book is called Three Cups of Tea, i would suggest you read that first. By purchasing these books online, 7% of the cost will go toward paying for a child's education, a school house or a teachers salary. You can also donate online to Pennies for Peace which is an organization through Greg, who is backed by the Central Asia Institute, that for every penny donated it buys a pencil for a child in one of these areas. These books are great, inspirational reads that need to be spread around the world.


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