Wednesday, February 23, 2011

{google earth}

Google Earth is one of the coolest inventions. Today we were in the computer land for Government and I clicked on the Google Earth icon and spent the whole period searching places. It is so amazing to think how big the world is and how intricate every city is. When you zoom in places you can see pictures and videos people have posted of the place. I looked at McGill on it and it looks so much bigger than the part i walked around when i went! It is so beautiful. I also figured out where Easter Island it (don't laugh). I thought it was a lot closer to land but it is literally in the middle of the ocean. I suggest if you have some free time to go play around and get to know the world around you :)

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  1. hi! i just saw your comment on my blog from WAY forever ago & i just wanted to say hi & thanks for all of the sweet words :)