Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{a clean room}

today, i got in trouble for my messy room. understandable. when my mom threatened college i knew i must clean to the best of my abilities. so now, an hour and a half later, my room is spick and span. i plan on keeping it this way so i can go to college where i please :) which i have almost made my decision.

its about a 80%:20%. thats where i am right now. almost decided but waiting it out just to make sure i don't close any doors. Many late nights where i can't sleep because i am so stressed. i am not so good with decisions. but i feel i am being lead in a certain direction. i will not reveal the college in the lead right now though because sometimes i am very fickle so i don't want to keep switching back and forth. but i will give a very discreet hint: i will need a jacket. hahaha silly, you need a jacket everywhere if you are there in the summer.

Will it be

McGill University in Winter
McGill or

The Lyceum, University of Mississippi
or Southern Miss?

I shall reveal the final decision soon! Hope you are all having a great day.


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