Sunday, February 13, 2011


this weekend has been a crafting weekend. i have also been seriously uninspired for new posts, thats why i am several behind (aka: flikr faves, goals, and how i did on my goals last week, and a new recipe) but i will get to them soon i promise!
This weekend i made a quote on a canvas for a friend of mine who just got a new house so its a housewarming gift of sorts. i have also been collaging which is really fun. i have a new found obsession with it. i really wish i could set up a small business and have people buy these from me because i need money for college and i enjoy doing it :)

A quick update on my dog, Buddy, he is not doing well at all. yesterday he had several seizures and was up most of the night wondering. it was horribly sad and i don't want him to die.


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