Sunday, February 6, 2011

{& i'll dance with Cinderella}

today, i had father daughter dance practice for NCL. we are dancing to a song called Cinderella by Stephen Curtis Chapman. its a really sentimental song and my mom gets all choked up when she sees us dancing to us. she calls me the "goofy" child because every time she is about to cry or what not i make a funny face or a sarcastic comment and she can't help but laugh. i can not seem to take this dance seriously for two reasons: one, i do not take very many things seriously; two, i do NOT dance. its fun dancing with my dad though. hes a fun man, we are a lot alike in many ways.

other than that, today is the superbowl, which i am not watching. instead i have my paint brushes and Scott Pilgrim to watch. Haley is happy.

the other day, before the dance practice my mom and i made cookies to bring to the practice. they were heart shaped cookies with pink frosting & o so good. (after eating like 3 i went to take a step class at the Y). i took pictures of the process using my camera in M mode :D it is so fun finally using my camera correctly after several years of having it.
Hope everyone has an awesome superbowl sunday! Has anyone taken bets on the teams or are you doing something completely different?


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