Monday, February 7, 2011

{best letter of my life}

i just got THE letter in the mail. THE letter. Aka the acceptance letter to McGill. I had recieved an email last time i was really excited but letters are so much more exciting. It had all my immigration documents and a guide for international students. my decision just got 5,000 times harder. i have really been praying about it also and i seem to be just as confused now as i was a point A. i am really trying to seek gods will but i think i am confusing my will with his so i just need to wipe all that out.

but other than the confusion, I AM SO ECSTATIC. seriously the best day ever. my day was quite lame and boring until this. now i am motivated to keep my grades up. which is motivation i REALLY needed. my grades were dropping fast. well time to go do work. & drink tea!
hope you have all had a lovely night!